Tancrède Lepoint

applied scientist at AWS

director (2018-2023)
of the IACR

co-editor (since 2016)
of the Cryptology ePrint Archive

Candidacy for a position of Director (IACR election 2017)

I have been a member of the IACR for the last six years. Since August 2016, I serve as co-editor of the ePrint. This past year, I have participated in switching the IACR to HTTPS only and to Let's Encrypt certificates. I would be honored to serve on the board for the next three years as one of the directors.

Foster fruitful relations between researchers, practitioners, governments, and standard agencies.

Cryptography is a rich and political field, which benefits greatly from useful collaborations between academics, practitioners, governments and standard agencies. We need our association to not only support but get involved in existing and new initiatives that enable interaction, collaboration, and networking over all areas of cryptology. We need our association to become a reference association for transitioning any cryptography in the "real world".

Open and international dissemination of our results and cryptographic implementations.

IACR meets its fundamental goal of setting the standard in scientific research in cryptology. Recent years have focused on the "open-access" of these publications, and we need to continue explore this direction. However, we also need our association to achieve its goal of disseminating research in all areas of cryptography: we need the IACR to strengthen its dissemination of cryptographic implementations, for example by adding source-code support to the Cryptology ePrint Archive and being involved in significant cryptographic implementation initiatives.

Continue the modernization of the IACR online services.

The IACR successfully provides multiple online services (crypto database, ePrint, news, calendar of cryptographic meetings, Ph.D. databases, videos, jobs, review software, conference registration etc.) but most of these services are rather disconnected one from another. Additionally, they are not always up to date with new web development tools, trends, and workflows. We need our association to integrate seamlessly all our services and modernize its online image. This effort will require profound changes to the front- and back-end architectures.

Tancrède Lepoint.