Tancrède Lepoint

applied scientist at AWS

director (2018-2023)
of the IACR

co-editor (since 2016)
of the Cryptology ePrint Archive

Candidacy for a position of Director (IACR election 2020)

I have the privilege of serving on the IACR Board of Directors since 2018, and to serve as co-editor of the ePrint since August 2016. I would be honored to continuing serving on the board for the next three years as one of the directors.

Foster diversity

Diversity is a true asset to our cryptographic community. We need our association to consider and fully represent the broad perspective of diversity, inherent and acquired, in its conferences, symposiums, schools, program chairs, and members.

Pursue excellence.

Cryptography is a rich and political field, which benefits greatly from useful collaborations between academics, practitioners, governments and standard agencies. We need our association to continue existing and propose new excellent initiatives that enable interaction, collaboration, and networking over all areas of cryptology.

Improve our services.

Our association recently underwent large improvements of its online services. As we evolve to a new future, I would like to be an active member of improving the services offered by the IACR, from the ePrint, to financial support to schools and affiliated events, to the online services offered to our members.

Tancrède Lepoint.